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Nashville Restaurants



Today, people are literally out of time for cooking. Instead of preparing meals at home, individuals prefer to dine out. The trend of eating at a restaurant isn’t new. At times, people love to take a break from their home taste and try an eatery flavor. However, many Nashville, TN residents check local restaurants too often. Even tourists prefer eating outside. Moved by this new change, many business owners started their eateries. However, not all of them are worth considering. You need the best Nashville restaurant that lives up to your expectations. Let’s take a look at the top restaurants in the region.

Seeking the best Nashville restaurant – Check these popular options

In addition to locals, Nashville gets a steady stream of traffic of tourists for one or the other reason. Even if you aren’t a local, chances are you might have paid a visit to the area. You might have checked various music scenes and other locations. But do you know that Nashville is filled with places to grab a bite for eating? The flavors and variety will make you overwhelmed. You might get lost in the tastes. In case you’re visiting the region for the first time, check these popular restaurants for your next lunch/dinner.


Arnold’s Country Kitchen

Back then, Arnold’s Country Kitchen was a small eatery. However, it has transformed with time. Today, it’s doubling in size and busting out of the britches. You know why? The reason – the food at this Nashville restaurant is awesome. It offers continental and traditional dishes. So, you may never run out of options no matter the time of your visit. If you check the place in the morning around 11 am, you’ll see immense traffic there.

Tourists as well as locals could be spotted grabbing trays and picking meats and side dishes or desserts. Some of the popular dishes that you may try include barbecue chicken, buttery mashed potatoes, and green beans. As far as desserts go, you’ve a wide variety. Still, the lip-licking pie is the telling story of the restaurant. Even better, Arnold’s has a humble staff ever ready to help you choose the right dishes matching your specifics.


Biscuit Love

If you’re someone who has a knack for biscuits, then Biscuit Love might be your best bet. The fantastic Nashville restaurant provides the best biscuits in the region. The taste might take you to a new world of flavors. Also, you get to choose from various biscuits. The variety is so huge that you can’t decide which one will be ideal for you. Yet, sticking to your preferences might come in handy. You’ll never run out of options even with unique demands.

When it comes down to variety, you’ve yum yum, common biscuits with new flavors, and a lot besides. You could even try biscuit packs with sausage gravy. You may get surprised at the combination, but the flavor will captivate your heart. However, visitors love bonuts more than any other item. It’s a perfect blend of biscuits and donuts, served with cream and blueberry compote.


The Southern Steak and Oyster

In case you’re looking for a Nashville restaurant with reasonable pricing and a gourmet menu, look no further than the Southern Steak and Oyster. Located close to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the restaurant is in the close vicinity of Broadway. The menu is huge and gives variety in terms of taste and pricing.

Yet, raw oysters (blue point) are the hot popularity of the Southern. Other choices include blue cheese biscuits and the steak. You could also order Banh Mi fish, nudie suit, seared sea scallops, and braised beef brisket. People who’re mad for new flavors can quench their thirst here. The best part is you don’t have to dent your wallet to savor those lip-licking delicacies.


Pancake Pantry

Do you love baked items? Are you interested in trying exclusive flavors of pancakes? If so, do yourself a favor by visiting Pancake Pantry. It’s a brunch, lunch, and breakfast Nashville restaurant that locals frequently visit. Situated near Vanderbilt University, the place receives enough traffic of food-lovers from morning to evening.

This wonderful Nashville restaurant serves more than 20 different flavors of pancakes. So, you can definitely find the flavor of your choice. Popular servings at the establishment include fresh toast, blueberry pancakes, and breakfast items. If you feel like having snacks or breakfast, visit Pancake Pantry to please your appetite.



It’s another pleasing Nashville restaurant for food lovers. Located on Broadway, Merchants grabs the attention of locals as well as tourists due to its taste. The food is so good that you may want to try it again and again. Their fish tacos and fried chickens are the most sought-after items. You may even ask waiters for help.

They’ll happily lead you to the right flavors matching your liking. Grilled salmon BLT and roasted chicken are other varieties that you may check. Essentially, Merchants makes a popular stop that provides gourmet, healthier options to the regular cooking of the Southern region. People often hang at the establishment to enjoy a filling taste. Some folks ever go for takeaways for their loved ones.



Loveless Cafe

If you stumble upon local food enthusiasts and seek their recommendations, they’ll surely endorse Loveless Cafe as their preferred Nashville restaurant. While it’s located far from Downtown, you may take a car to get to the place. Be warned that if you check the restaurant at the lunch hour, you may have to wait for more than an hour for your number. Why? People just flock to the place to taste the variety.

However, you can order carry-outs to cut down the waiting time. Fried chicken varieties are hugely popular among food fanatics. People also rave about biscuits. So, you could be in luck if you arrive just before the lunch hour. Without waiting longer, you can have the items you love.


Bluebird Cafe

Although the cafe is popular for its music performance, it has a dinner menu for hungry visitors too. Many writers and music lovers pay a visit to this Nashville restaurant to brainstorm new ideas and sharpen their skills. While doing so, they never forget to try the delicious food available.

At Bluebird Cafe, you can be sure of good food, healthy choices. They offer quesadillas and chicken fingers for non-vegetarian food enthusiasts. However, you can also try their tasty veggies such as Caesar salad, artichoke and spinach dip, and hummus. While the food fulfills your appetite, the music touches your heart.



Etch is a trendy Nashville restaurant that caters to the needs of modern individuals. The flavors and the service stand unmatched in the region. The beauty of the establishment is it serves a wide variety with varying tastes to suit the liking of all. You’ll hardly find such a menu at any other eatery.

Etch is an upscale restaurant that receives stellar reviews too often. If you’re confused about which restaurant to go for in Nashville, a quick peek into reviews will ease your choice. Grilled lamb loin, shrimp bruschetta, and grilled filet are the hot favorite here. In case you want to try something unique, go for their roasted cauliflower. Their ice-cream sundae is also worth trying, especially for yummy fanatics.


Mas Tacos

If you love Mexican cuisines, rejoice! Mas Tacos has everything you love in the Mexican style. From taste to servings, you’ll feel at Mexico here. Locals favor this one of a kind Nashville restaurant due to its particular variety that relates to a region. Since the establishment is located near downtown, you need a car to get there. However, your little bit of hassles will pay off dearly in terms of exclusive flavors.

You don’t have to visit Mexico to try the nation’s contemporary or traditional dishes. Just check Mas Tacos to fill your appetite. Some of the popular choices at this popular Nashville restaurant include fried tilapia, fried avocado, and chicken varieties. As far as desserts are concerned, their iced coffee and ice cream are a focal point of attraction.


Skull’s Rainbow Room

Skull’s Rainbow Room happens to be the only jazz lounge in the area. The establishment takes pride in serving customers since 1948. So, it has enough knowledge and experience about the tastes of locals as well as tourists alike. Situated in Printer’s Ally close to Honky Tonks, this old Nashville restaurant is an ideal destination for music and diner, as well as one of the first to heavily invest in Nashville recycling.

Since the restaurant receives immense traffic, you ought to make advance reservations, especially for dining. It serves veggies and non-vegetarian items. Plus, the courteous staff is ever prepared to lend a helping hand to guests. So, you won’t feel lonely even during your first visit. However, your visit could be a bit pricey, thanks to music and lounge arrangements at the establishment.



Marche Artisan Food

If you’re an artist or a fan of artworks, you may want to check this lovely Nashville restaurant. What makes this place so special? First, the food is presented in an artistic style. You could get overwhelmed with the way the dishes are presented. Secondly, many artists in the local area team up here. So, it’s a good place to connect with like-minded artists.

Marche consistently receives stellar reviews from tourists and locals alike. However, the ever-filled restaurant might compel you to wait for an hour for your turn, especially during the weekend. Here, you can savor a perfect blend of veggies and non-vegetarian items. Favorite examples at Marche Artisan Food include chicken wings, fried rice, and a lot besides. The options are incredibly limitless.


Robert’s Western World

It’s a Honky Tonk Nashville restaurant. The description sounds strange, but it suits the establishment. How so? Robert’s Western World is ideal for music lovers. If you want to take a break from your regular routine and enjoy music, then Robert’s Western World is the way to go. It serves a wide variety in the snack genre.

Those who are out for a little bit of entertainment find this place extremely friendly. You may dance or savor snacks as you wish. While the menu is big, munchies are a special point of attraction. How about trying a fried bologna sandwich? Your mouth could get watery just by holding the item in your hands, leave aside the taste.


Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Some eateries specialize in one particular genre. Instead of offering various items, they stick to one item and sprinkle a variety of that particular item. That’s the specialty of Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. Hattie only offers chicken dishes to food lovers. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ve a limited choice.

On the contrary, visitors get to savor a wide range of chicken items. Popular examples include chicken fries, fried chicken, and roasted chicken. Here, you can be sure of good food and healthy choices. If you want to throw a party for your loved ones, look no further than Hattie. Your friends and relatives might pat you for taking them to this great Nashville restaurant with exclusive chicken flavors.



Nesting in Rutledge hill, Husk is just a couple of blocks south of the famous Broadway. The establishment transforms the liking and essence of Southern taste you ever wished. At this unique Nashville restaurant, there are certain rules about what could go on your plate. If the item doesn’t come from the South, it won’t come through the door.

The restaurant specializes in offering the unique taste of Southern cooking. Common examples of Husk specialties include heirloom husbandry, seed-saving, charcuterie (meat) programs, and in-house pickling. Whether you love vegetarian foods or non-vegetarian dishes, Husk has got you covered as long as it comes from the South basket. Even better, the seating arrangement and courteous service make the atmosphere warm and inviting.


Bottom line

Finding a place to eat isn’t a big deal in any region. However, locating the best Nashville restaurant involves a bit of legwork on your end. What if you’re out of time and feeling hungry? If so, check the above options in wake of your preferences. With handy information on your side, choosing an ideal eatery in Nashville,,TN becomes easy without investing too much time and effort.

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