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Michigan Restaurants


What are the vital factors that determine the best places to eat in Michigan? It is a fact that the taste preferences of individuals often vary. However, most people prefer certain restaurants when it comes to choosing the best places to eat. The most critical factors that help a Michigan restaurant stand taller than others are the taste of the foods served, overall ambiance, and the quality of services provided. Based on these parameters, let us explore the best places to eat in Michigan.

1. Mustang Lounge

2. Da Francesco’s Ristorante & Bar

3. Jean Kay’s Pasties & Subs

4. Slows Bar-BQ

5. Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse

6. Trattoria Stella

7. Dockers Fish House


1. Mustang Lounge

Launched in 1964, Mustang Lounge is highly renowned for its lodge-like interior and rustic look. With the reputation of being the most historical tavern in Michigan, this restaurant offers a wide range of delicious and healthy dishes for its customers. If you want the right atmosphere to eat, look no farther than Mustang Lounge. Outside seating lets you enjoy the stunning view of the heart of downtown Mackinac from above.

Strategically located in the downtown area on Mackinac Island, this cozy restaurant makes the guests feel comfortable. The hand-tossed pizzas are one of the main specialties of this Michigan restaurant. You can also find custom hamburgers, exciting appetizers, mouth-watering BBQ, best wings, and many more.

The owners of this Michigan restaurant, Tony Brodeur and Jason Klonowski give the utmost importance to customer satisfaction. Working with experienced chefs, they focus on delivering the most fulfilling eating experience for their customers. You can choose your favorite dishes from the amazing menu available at Mustang Lounge.

This tavern offers a full bar with different types of cold beer options. Offering excellent seasonal entertainment and accommodation parties, Mustang Lounge keeps the customers interested. The quality of service offered is highly laudable. The employees are committed to making your visit truly memorable with their dedicated, friendly, and responsible approach.


Mustang Lounge

1485 Astor St., Mackinac Island, MI



2. Da Francesco’s Ristorante & Bar

If you are on the lookout for one of the best Italian restaurants in Michigan, you can choose Da Francesco’s Ristorante & Bar. No matter whether you want to go for lunch or dinner, this family-owned Michigan restaurant has your needs covered. Offering quality cuisine with a homemade touch, Da Francesco’s Ristorante & Bar makes your eating experience truly enjoyable and fulfilling.

This gorgeous restaurant contains more than 340 seats, banquet facilities, and two kitchens. The open airy space creates a welcoming ambiance for guests. The Belcastro family, who runs this restaurant, treats customers as family members. In fact, they make you feel relaxed as you step in. At Da Francesco’s, you can find a bull bar where various types of quality wines are served.

You can take our taste buds on an exciting culinary adventure with classic Italian staples such as gnocchi, fresh-made pasta, and meatballs. On every Wednesday, this Michigan restaurant offers freshly made, cinnamon-infused cannoli for free. The desserts, especially Mama’s tiramisu are highly favored choices for most people.

Located in the heart of Shelby Township, the menu of the Da Francesco’s Ristorante & Bar contains a large variety of pasta, steak, seafood, veal, and chicken dishes. The live entertainment and weekly specials also add to the entertainment. With a perfect combination of authentic dishes, a casual dining environment, and friendly and timely service, this Michigan restaurant makes a lasting impression on all guests.


Da Francesco’s Ristorante and Bar

49521 Van Dyke Ave., Shelby Township, MI



3. Jean Kay’s Pasties & Subs

Jean Kay’s Pasties & Subs is a perfect place to eat in Michigan. You can taste incredibly delicious pastries with an amazing pasty sauce. All dishes come with a grandma touch that takes the taste to the next level. With a rich tradition of more than 45 years, this Michigan restaurant has managed to create a large customer base that is continuously expanding on each passing day.

The pastries at Jean Kay’s are unique. Instead of utilizing ground beef, they are made using chopped steak. Grinding is avoided to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the dishes. The texture of the pastries is highly appreciable. Without using carrots and gravy, Jean Kay’s makes Cornish pasties. You can order classic pastries or mini pastries, depending on your taste preferences and needs.

This Michigan restaurant offers daily specials like salads and wraps, cheeses and dressings, sandwiches, and many other daily specials to deliver the best dining experience for guests. Outdoor seating is also available at this kid-friendly restaurant. The friendly and caring attitude of the staff and the beautiful atmosphere makes your eating experience thoroughly enjoyable.


Jean Kay’s Pasties & Subs

1635 Presque Isle Ave., Marquette, MI



4. Slows Bar BQ

Located in Corktown, Detroit, Slows Bar BQ comes with a meticulously designed interior that creates a perfect setting for a fulfilling eating experience. The fresh barbecues available here come with a gourmet spin and deliver an impeccable taste. If you are a foodie, this Michigan restaurant should go to the top of your bucket list.

Slows Bar BQ also has its branches in Pontiac and Grand Rapids and has a Ironworks Michigan motif. Philip Cooley, a former fashion model is the owner of this restaurant. The sandwiches are also extremely popular for their mouthwatering taste. Yardbird is one of the most sought-after sandwich choices available in this Michigan restaurant. It contains a pulled chicken breast that has been marinated in mustard. It is served with applewood bacon, cheddar, and mushrooms. All these ingredients come inside a poppy-seed bun to make the sandwich incredibly tasteful.

If you want to taste award-winning barbeques in Michigan, you must visit Slows Bar BQ. The menu of this Michigan restaurant contains a wide variety of sandwiches, barbeques, side dishes, and sweets. Offering different types of cocktails and wines, the Slows Bar BQ bar takes care of your recreation needs perfectly.


Slows Bar BQ, Corktown

2138 Michigan Avenue, Detroit



5. Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse

Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse is a must-visit restaurant if you are visiting Michigan. This unique restaurant offers an incredible dining experience with a perfect combination of an inspiring ambiance, delicious dishes, and excellent services. It has been rated as one of the best restaurants in Michigan by several agencies.

Situated in Owosso, this beautiful Michigan restaurant is for its incredible fried chicken dishes. The crunchy coating of the chicken contains perfect nooks and crannies. Amazingly talented chefs season the chicken smartly without making it overly spicy. Keeping the meat moist and tasteful, they offer the best experience for your taste buds.

The owner John Beilfuss and his wife, Morgan make dedicated efforts to keep the customers satisfied. Their unflinching commitment to perfect recipes plays the most important role in making the dishes unbelievably flavorful.

With proper smoking methods, this Michigan restaurant makes its BBQ truly special. Smoking Beef brisket for around 22 hours, the skillful chefs keep it fresh and tasteful. Pulled pork is another popular dish available in Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse. You can also come across many daily specials, including Ondaway Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Christmas Pig, Kalua Pork, BBQ Pork Steaks, and a wide variety of house-made smoked sausages.

With a clear focus on curing, smoking, and drying all meats, Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse creates an authentic taste that is inimitable. This amazing restaurant offers an inviting ambiance to make you feel comfortable. You can stay relaxed and cheerful. Experienced and friendly waiters and staff always take care of your needs with the utmost accountability.


Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse

113 S. Washington St Owosso, MI


6. Trattoria Stella

As you step inside Trattoria Stella, you can experience an alluring old-world charm instantly. Hidden alcoves, warm tones, and exposed brick blend harmoniously to create an old-world feel. Offering a pleasant and intimate feel, this beautiful Michigan restaurant creates a perfect setting for an unforgettable dining experience.

One of the most popular dishes available is the Burrata, also known as the Bag of Cheese. If you want to taste a cheese bomb, you cannot find a better option than Burrata. The master chefs at Trattoria Stella wrap fresh, marinated mozz shreds around fresh-pulled mozzarella to create balls. Then, fresh crostini is spread over before garnishing with a roasted tomato sauce to make the highly delicious Bag of Cheese.

You can try five different kinds of pasta when you visit this gorgeous Michigan restaurant. It also serves excellent desserts, including creamy panna cotta and tiramisu. If you are interested in tasting some of the finest quality wines and cocktails, you can visit Trattoria Stella. It also offers many other exciting dishes, soups, and beverages to fulfill the varying requirements of different customers.

This highly renowned Italian restaurant can accommodate more than 185 people. With a clear focus on authenticity and responsible service, it meets the expectations of the customers perfectly. If you want to clarify any doubts while placing an order, you can interact with the chef, manager, or other staff to make an informed decision.

You can also conduct special events at this gorgeous restaurant. Special discounts and packages are also offered to keep the customers interested. Tasteful dishes, inspiring ambiance, friendly services, and special deals make a perfect combination to deliver the most enjoyable dining experience for guests.


Trattoria Stella

1200 W 11th St., Traverse City, MI



7. Dockers Fish House

Situated in Harbor Town Marina, Dockers Fish House is a highly popular seasonal waterfront restaurant in Michigan. It can accommodate around 200 people inside. The outside area also comes with 200 seats. Offering a delectable menu, Dockers Fish House surpasses the expectations of the customers efficiently. The breathtaking view of Muskegon Lake makes your dining experience truly memorable.

As the name suggests, the primary focus of this Michigan restaurant is on seafood. However, it offers a wide variety of meat dishes. The owners, Jennifer and Andrew Harris work hard to bring a lot of variety without compromising quality and taste. You can start with a plate of spicy crab poppers. It is not something that you can come across in other restaurants. The roasting process makes crab nice and tender. Then, crab spread and cheddar are stuffed before placing it on a broiler to caramelize perfectly. Spicy crab poppers are served with three-mustard cream sauce.

If you are an ardent lover of seafood, you must try the Feast. Your dockside eating experience becomes delightful with this special dish. You can expect a large plate that is filled with a combination of snow crab claws, mussels, shrimp, crayfish, small baby potatoes, and seasonal vegetables. A tasteful butter sauce is poured over these ingredients to deliver an unbelievable taste.

Another popular dish that you can try is the lobster roll. It is a signature item of this Michigan restaurant. Large quantities of lobster are lightly dressed in mayo to make this amazing dish. Other ingredients added to the lobster roll include a squeeze of lemon and a few fresh herbs. All these items all stuffed into a toasted bun before serving with a lot of care and love.

Dockers Fish House also offers some stunning cocktails along with highly impressive dishes. Creating new seasonal drinks every summer, this Michigan restaurant offers beautiful surprises for customers. Other popular dishes available in Dockers Fish House are different types of soups and salads, sandwiches, grilled chicken, crispy chicken strips, fried smelt, and many more.


Dockers Fish House

3505 Marina View Point, Muskegon, MI



Other popular restaurants available in Michigan include:

– Amore Trattoria Italiana

-Chilango’s Mexican Grill

– Mussel Beach Drive-In

– Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

– Water Tower Sports Pub

– The Cooks’ House

– San Chez Bistro

– Buddy’s Rendezvous

When it comes to choosing the best places to eat in Michigan, you need to be careful about the quality and taste of the dishes served. The overall ambiance created by a Michigan restaurant is also a critical aspect in making your dining experience an unforgettable one. Offering top-quality, delicious, and innovative dishes, these restaurants leave a lasting impression on guests. Further, they provide the best services to keep you incredibly happy and satisfied.

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