Why Gordon Ramsay Slays Meat on Purpose

Chef Gordon Ramsay


Chef Gordon Ramsay has become an absolute monster in the kitchen. This man is a Brit and was raised in Scotland, so of course he ranted about the food and culture of both nations. He also took shots at the English food and wine, calling it “barbaric”. Within these spewing diatribes, he actually had some sensible recommendations. From banning children in Restaurants to cutting down on alcohol he covers a lot of ground-from home entertainment to healthy eating.

With so many new diets and so many new ways to eat, many of us have questioned, what’s the point? Why bother to change so much of your diet when all you’re really trying to achieve is to eat more healthily? Well, this refreshing book might have an answer, find out why ordinary meals could be so much better, here.

The Simple Succeeds

The first bit of advice in this book is, simple as it is, stick to the basics. Don’t go out for dinner on a high protein diet for a week, only to come home swamping after a couple of days eating rice and cabbage. Also, try not to expand your waistline, get exercise, eat sensibly the rest of the week, but Simple Succeeds is right that you can eat meat, poultry, fish and eggs if you want to, as long as you stay away from all the fattening options.

The book also talks about variety, some folks are lucky enough to be blessed with natural eating instincts or dispositions. stay out of the rut of frying the same old foods and start getting creative with your cooking. Even the humble dinner party can become a dazzling event, even if you offer a diminished value appraisal – only if your cutlery and service are up to the mark.

Organization Means Set Symbol

This is the second book that delves into the benefits of organization. Precious little time nowadays is given for planning. As soon as you have formulated your budget, you should start thinking about the staff that will work for the event. Next you need to start thinking about the type of menu you will be serving. This is where it will be most helpful to have an upper management in your kitchen. Make sure that they know your event fully. This way they can advise you correctly on what to order and suggest alternatives, if any. Also ask the manager to be your personal chef. This way you will be able to gain more experience and more confident, so that your menu can impress your guests.

Waste Not Giving

This is a bit more serious, but when it comes to making your own dishes, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge. Also it is important to understand just how much trash you are creating as well as how much waste you are contributing to the local landfill. If you are going to make your own dishes, particularly if you are going to cook with meat and dairy products, it may be wise to invest in and use a few tools to help keep your food as green as possible. Using things like biodegradable plates, organic and reusable containers, and compostable tableware will ultimately save you money and help you make the kind of impression that you want to have.

For those who want to cut down on their environmental impact, organically grown food is the best option. This is especially important for people who live in urban areas, because increasing numbers of people are making their own food, and going 100% vegetarian are not only viewed as very individualistic, but also a bit naively romantic. Not only that, but organically grown food is easier to digest – and again, if you get it from a local farm, it will still be as fresh and sumptuous as ever.

If you are not sure about the benefits of organically grown fruit and vegetables, ask for a sample. Organic farming is easy to understand, and soon you will be seeing results on your plate.

Organic Restaurants – Go Organic, It’s Good For The planet

Organic restaurants are cropping up everywhere. Simple organic menus will be offered by many restaurants. Organic menus will be designed to complement natural organic ingredients. Organic restaurants are marketing organic food as well as organic alternatives to the regular meat and cheese industries.

The organic food industry is booming, and a rapidly growing market continues to be consumers of organic foods. Organic alternatives to high cholesterol and conventional beef and dairy products are slowly becoming a part of all major food Trends. Organic alternatives represent a fast growing market, and as the trend continues to grow I believe that organic food will become a must have for consumers.

For consumers, this means they will have access to the highest quality organic food, and food they will not be restricted to conventionally grown products.


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