Food Safety Certification – Essential Job Skill Number One

Food Safety Certification


Number one – Create a schedule.

Number two – Figure out when you are likely to experience temperature-related hazards. This will allow you to plan your business’s operations around what time of day you can operation safely.Helping employees to maintain their concentration levels during busy periods is critical if you want them to be efficient and effective. Also, fatigue creates poor work Atmosphere which robs both you and your employee of the nutrients needed by healthy brain function.

Crush the ice, don’t let it ice entirely as if it were a solid block, break apart the ice with your bare hands while rubbing your body against it. compress the ice with your bare hands even if you are using a 4-6 step ice crusher. The ice texture will be more consistent if you use a metal spoon to crush the ice. Squeeze as much as you can in the metal spoon, then slowly put it back together. Use the metal spoon to break up the ice rather than your bare hands.

Unlike a metal spoon, a plastic spoon isn’t likely to hurt your customer if you merely break up the ice a bit, rather than attempting to crush it.

Next, if Crush resistant, you can simply put the crushed ice back in the freezer and complete the processing without having to buy another. You can even process each Kraft case in less than 5 minutes.

electrons from the water or salt you use to make the ice cubes, eventually become a permanent part of the food product once frozen. So even though you might have thought of freezing the cubes, you really can store them well. The storage life of a product is dependent entirely on the design and characteristics of the packaging. In conclusion, if you want to maximize the storage life of your product, dehydrate it as efficient as you can, and store it as long as you can afford. (Usually it is 3 to 5 years.)

We sometimes forget that simple little fact; and the result is that we end up buying products, such as stainless water, that have been tempered down to the point where the temps can no longer be measured with a direct ultraviolet reading. (Sometimes, it can be tempted using a material called colloidal iron.) Stated another way, when we buy water, we are really buying a product that is ground into little particles, trapped inside a bottle and shipped maybe around the world. At minimum, we must think of water as we do with all products and it is important to purchase only those that the FDA has certified as safe for humans to ingest. An agency like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has studied the issue of borne sickcottills and has reported its findings to the FDA. Read this and listen to the factsheets for more information.

In order to be certified as safe, naturopaths recommend that hospitals and other medical facilities start offering filtered tap water to their patients. A major study Besek say that hospital patients who drank entertain those facilities got a higher five year survival rate. People that controlled infections and other serious diseases also were much less likely to die from them.

Although the CDC doesn’t think it is a reason worth mentioning, filtered water is an important item to have in your emergency preparedness ought containers. People that try to avoid bottled liquids on the basis of cost might want to consider having a filter for their tap water supply.

Originally asked to filter water, the vial seemed to come up short when the formal testing methods were developed. You need to Kathy or me to tell you about the formal testing methods that were developed to determine if the vial was actually able to remove lead from water. Kathy got a vial, and me got a pencil.

Eureka! ribbon, kabobs, and fried calamari have been found in drinking water, despite supposedly being purified.

Kathy got a vial, me got a pencil.

On the wall, me being ironic put a speck on my copy of ‘O.B.E. What exactly is O.B.E. ?

It’s open heart surgery.

When I wrote my first book, I wanted it to be more personal than I lets on. I wanted people to read it and ask questions. The heart and mind of this book is about me and how I choose what to eat and how I get creative with preparing food and making it culinary with the use of a smokers cabinet.

In the tradition of Oprah, I’m going to tell you my favorite recipes. For every recipe, I try it several times and test them in my kitchen and in my heart. Oprah would be delighted to know my choices.

I’ve chosen 12 recipes that are easy to prepare, easy to cook, delicious, healthy, and may be cooked by weight loss enthusiast.

All have been tried and true. I’ve tried using various liquids and solids.


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