Restaurants Must Hire Dieters for the Kids

eating out healthy for kids


Eating out is fun for adults and not so fun for children. Why is that? Well, usually, restaurants and fast foods have high calorie loads and as such it becomes difficult to avoid consuming too many calories when eating outside.

However, one alternative is very simple: hire dieters to work in your restaurants. This is actually something that many restaurants are doing already. However, to take full advantage of this strategy you will need to think about taking action locally as well as setting up strict guidelines to be followed by both restaurants and their employees.

First, you need to encourage employees and especially servers to make better captures on their meals. This will include not just asking them to minimize certain courses but also to consider asking for more food choices and Beverage choices.

You may also want to do this for your customers too. Large restaurants have the servers take the guess work out of precisely what is being ordered. However, you need to believe that customers are asking for something that is specific to their meals because they already go out for the same food items and have had the same experience. In many cases, this is precisely why the food choices are limited.

You may also want to spend some time with your employees and apprentices at least once a week. The satisfaction they experience from a well managed restaurant is well worth the paychecks they earn, so it is important that they are always happy. When they are happy, they will be more likely to buy again and recommend your business to their friends and family.

You will find that you can actually take this a step further by offering discounts to get customers to visit on a regular basis. When they visit, they will more than likely recommend your restaurant to their friends and family.

Of course you will want to have fun, affordable entertainment for your customers. Investing in quality or at least quantity of pool tables, pinball machines, and dance floors will make your restaurant a place everyone will enjoy.

Make good food; pay consistently high prices for the finest ingredients. Help your customers feel like they are special. Let them know that they are worth their money. Remember, a smile is the best policy. subsidies are available from many sources, city, state and federal government and even from friends and family.

If you own a restaurant, check your facilities daily and make sure you are cleaning your buildings to the highest standards. daily fire safety training; sanitizing cooking grills and cutting boards daily. Make sure your kitchens are equipped with the latest technology.iances, microwaves, breads, hot plates, soft drinks and other standard kitchen items. Check your hours of operation regularly to be sure that your employees are treated fairly and individuality is valued.

Add social media to your marketing mix. You can use this to drive traffic into your restaurant. People are socialized and apolitical as a byproduct of our fast-paced world. You can use your social media to share stories, experiences, specials or news about your business and services. You can typically find channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., etc. These are just a few of the media and issues that you can use to drive traffic.

You may question what is my advantage over my competitors. Well, I don’t. I’m going to tell you right now that it comes in the form of lower prices. The other advantage is, you never see the same people come in to dine at your restaurant looking out of the eyes, trying to figure out an escape. They want to be concerned about looking and smelling their food, getting sick from it and bringing others down with them. Lower margins drive the overall cost down for your type of restaurant.

Now, some of you may not be able to wait for the government handout on your climate change free steak or if you can’t afford it for gas or for crane rental in Michigan. I know that at the end of the day, it still comes out cheaper. I’ve had restaurant deals in the past where I’ve electronics Water Coolers for list price. What am I going to do for Water Coolers in the future?

If you still have questions on warranties, just send the company a follow up and ask them about it. If they don’t make the offer, then ask someone else. People in charge of public programs like Restaurant. com will help you. They have a money back guarantee if you test their water and they say it’s okay. Not once, but a few times it has happened to me.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be hard. Start your search. Point out some of the available restaurants. Try to visit a few to get feel for the food and the environment. Once you’ve decided to purchase, sit back and enjoy your search.


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