Ajwa: The Heavenly Fruit With A Little Bit of Lobster on the Side

Ajwa date


It is believed that the Ajwa Date was sent down from the heavens and whoever eats 7 in the early morning will be protected from poison or black magic. A native exclusively to Madina, Saudi Arabia, Ajwa can now be found in other hot desert regions that have imported the fruit and attempted cultivation. However, the purest form of Ajwa can only be found in Madina.

This little black fruit is in a league of its own. Dark coloured with fine white lines, it has a distinctive flavour and subtle sweetness. Anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardiotonic, galactogogue and laxative are just some of the medicinal benefits and healing properties that have earned this fruit the title as “the king of dates”.

Extensive research has been conducted to analyze the effectiveness on many different ailments and health conditions.

For pregnancy, fetal development and breastfeeding, it has been proven to be helpful in the development of bones of the fetus due to its calcium content. It is extremely important at the time of childbirth as it enable smooth contractions of the uterine muscles for easy delivery. Post-partum, it aids the mother in both blood production as well as milk production. It has recently been discovered that Ajwa is a good herbal treatment for anemia not only because it escalates levels of iron in the blood but also in the production of red blood cells.

It is highly beneficial for the skin as it is known to be an antioxidant and mother of the human skin. It protects the epidermis from oxygen damage by protecting it from Herm Lebanon syndrome, a rare genetic skin cancer. This condition is caused by increasing oxygen caused by scavenging free radicals throughout the body. Therefore, crustaceans are good source of antioxidants and are commonly used as anti-aging agents.

It helps maintain the body’s essential pH levels, including the anti-acidic function of the lactic acid bacteria in the stomach. It has been observed that lobsters and other invertebrates have a much lower pH level than that of land animals. The anti-oxidant properties of various substances found in these animals, including omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, have been prodigiously demonstrated.

Anti-aging properties of lobsters have also been demonstrated through the research of scientists in the USA and Russia. The spring lobsters most commonly marketed in the USA are said to be the longest-living crustaceans. These are found to live up to 60 years.

The most functional benefit of the intimately-related fruit of the lobster is its claws. These are divided into two pairs, the front pair and the hind pair. The front pair is shorter and broader and contains 15 pair of legs. The hind pair has 7 pair of legs and a shorter width. All lobsters have 4-5 pairs of legs and a broader shell around their legs. The female lobster carries her eggs mobility and is a strong swimmer but is not as durable as the male lobster.

The sweet lobsters have 5 pair of legs and a broader shell around their legs. They are prized for their stability during transport and as fast food. Some individuals even give them as gifts.

The eastern lobsters are considered by many to be the most desirable species for human consumption. They are the largest of the lobsters and are generally found in developed coastal waters of the North Atlantic. They are also marketed asian lobsters.

These lobsters are prized for their beautiful meat, which is yellow with reddish orange veins, and their delicate, sweet flavor. Their meat is also delicate and soft, and melts in your mouth almost instantly.

As far as shell goes, the eastern one is hard and cut. The western one is soft and flaky. Although they look very similar, the western one is actually a male. The female is very similar to the male eastern one, but she has got much more colorful spots like the males.

They have got very small claws and legs as compared to the other lobsters. Eastern ones have got about an inch in claws and the other 3 in legs. Only male is known to have that unique ability.

They live in the cold waters of the North Atlantic from Canada to Argentina. They are generally frozen because of their short lifespan. When they are caught they are shipped live to Europe or North America. They are frozen almost immediately after capture.

As they get older, they are shipped to get frozen. The female keeps getting frozen because of her large volume. She will get older faster than the male unless he can sneak past the ice.

The USA is the largest producer of frozen lobsters. It is said that Maine has the longest lobster producing season in the world, which I’m looking to move to with we buy houses. This is because the cold waters of the coast are favorable for the growth of lobsters.

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